How To Do The Throwhand Grind Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we are going to be teaching you is called Throw Hand Grind. This is actually, this was a competition trick. This was a trick that they used to put people into free style devisions. They had to do a set amount of tricks to get into it. This is the trick that was used to do it so that's why I'm kind of teaching you. It's got some good basic fundamentals and it helps you control your grinds. So if you haven't looked at the grind video yet, go take a look at that. Practice getting it to go on your hand at least and then we'll move on to throw hand grind. Throw hand grind looks like this. You land a trapeze. You swing it out and pop up. Land back over. You bring your hand over, swing, pop back up, and then catch back into a trapeze. Let me just show you the trick again real fast so you get an idea. So pop up, catch, pop up, catch, like so. So that's Throw Hand Grind. What you do is, you pop over and you let it swing over your middle finger of your non throw hand. This is actually what rotates the yoyo up and allows you to catch it on the back of your hand like so. Once it's grinding there just let it grind there for a second because it's enough to give the effect of the yoyo grinding. You let it fall back onto the string. So like this. Let it come up. This will take practice. Let it come up and let it fall back onto the string. The next step is, it's actually from the matrix. If you haven't done the matrix yet, watch this move. It's the part where you bring you hand over and let it swing. Learn that part because that's thrown in the middle of this trick. So you come over, swing, then you do this part, like so. And then you just pop it up and grind one more time and that's it. That's Throw Hand Grind. The reason this is a good trick to practice is that it really allows you to control how the yoyo is going to land, control the grinds, it makes you practice holding your hand differently because it's having to come from a sideways throw and it's coming from straight on. Once you practice this enough and you get it your grinds are going to start getting more impressive, you're going to be able to control them, and you're going to be more impressive. So practice that. That's Throw Hand Grind. It comes up once; it comes up again and catch.

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