How To Snap Start A Dead Yo-Yo

So earlier I taught you how to start a yoyo dead by hitting it on the string, I think it looked like this, and that's a great way to start a yoyo. And like I said it's a cool way to start a yoyo it's a lot cooler than winding a string. But truth is, the coolest way to start a yoyo is by snap starting it. It looks like this. You hold a yoyo like this in between your hands, it's like snapping your thumbs. You want to practice that. You don't have to be able to snap your thumbs to be able to do this trick so don't worry if you can't do this all ready. It's just kind of the motion. So just do that with your fingers anyways to get the feel of it. What you do is you hold the yoyo in between your thumb and your middle and pointer finger. Hold it just like so and you use your thumb to snap the yoyo off like that. That's what's giving it all that spin. So watch me here as I take my thumb and pointer and I push up with my thumb as I'm holding it with my middle and pointer finger, like so. And see how fast it gets spinning from that. And from there you know you can go right into tricks, it's great in a performance if you get a knot you can just snap it and go right into a trick. Another impressive thing to do with a snap start, that I like to do is when I snap it I pop it up. It kind of shoots it right into the air, like that, you can even like shoot it up and catch it into loops and stuff like that with a little bit of practice. It's definitely something worth practicing. I'll try it again from this angle just so you guys get the feel for it. Pop up like that, thumbs coming up, pointers are holding it in place as I snap, really get that forward pushing motion with your thumb, that's going to help you out. And once you've got that down, and people see you do that, it looks like magic. That's a Snap Start.

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