How To Do A Wrist Whip Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick I'm going to teach you today is called the Wrist Whip. This is a cool trick it's actually similar to Plastic Whip. If you didn't learn Plastic Whip all ready, it's the one where it comes over your thumb. Go take a look at the video. Learn the motion of that because it might help you out. Wrist Whip is similar motion except it's done sideways it's done from Break Away, it looks like that. What's cool with this trick is you can actually modify it by swinging the string around more and then whipping the yoyo, like that. Let me show you what it looks like, so this is one. You can go around twice and hit it. And we'll see if I can do this. Sometimes with a little practice you can hit three around, like that. That's a triple wrist whip. It's a great trick on stage, it looks really flashy, really impressive if you just hit it and go into another trick. So let me teach you the basics. What you want to do is throw a strong Break Away as I mentioned. Let the yoyo swing down to the bottom like that. You take your throw hand and hold it straight out like so. What you're actually going to do is, you're going to push it to the right and you'll notice you pop the yoyo up and push it to the right in the same motion. It's kind of like how we did the Side Winder. It comes over and the string, as it does this, it's going to whip around the side of your wrist. It's going to shoot underneath your wrist and it comes in and connects with the yoyo gap and you'll catch it like so. Let me show you again what this looks like. So let's hold it like that, you whip it underneath, and into the yoyo gap, just like so. One more time. It looks like that. One of the key things to think about is, you want to try and line up the string with the edge of your wrist kind of. That's going to help when you come towards the yoyo. You'll line that up with your wrist, line up the string, and then line up the yoyo gap into that. That's what's going to help you hook the yoyo into it. To get out of it, once you're in it, because it's kind of a weird mount. You actually just take your throw hand pointer, I mean you're non throw hand pointer, push it into the string, and pop out of it. It will come right out. You want pop out the back side of it. Once again, it looks like, let me do it from this angle for you. It looks like this. So we wrist whip it, push your finger in and you pop back out, just like so. That's a basic wrist whip, to do what I was doing before with more variations, you can just whip around and then hook in with your wrist. You can do it about as many times as you want, just practice it. Two is usually a good one to start with. Practice it, do it, and impress people.

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