How To Do The Over Under Boing Boing

Next trick we are going to work on is a trick called Over Under. If you don't know yet, go learn that trick because this is a variation of it. Over Under starts with a Boing Boing, I'm just going to show what the trick looks like real quick. It's, like so, and actually will slid under your finger. The back and the front like so. Definitely a really cool looking trick. That's a Over Under. What you do, learn just like that. Instead of the yo-yo shooting across the string like this, you actually take your throw hand pointer finger and you allow the yo-yo to slid down under non-throwing finger like so. It's gonna just slide underneath there and as it does so you pull up and if it were. You'll notice you can kind of even do a Boing Boing under your pointer finger. That's an under. So you come up. So practice doing regular and then you slide it under your pointer finger like so. The next step from there is to do the same thing but to the front. So instead of letting it slide underneath from the back you bring it over the top and slide underneath from the front just like so. We'll try that again. Start with a Boing Boing, so you slide it underneath, slide it underneath, when you first start it might start out really slow. It's okay to do that to get the motion down if you just want to do it like that. The faster you get it the more it will start sliding underneath the fingers and the more each one of those moves is going to start looking like a Boing Boing. Eventually with enough practice, make sure you have it down good before you attempt this, you'll be able to the full trick. It's Over Under. Over Under.

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